Batman TV Show Figures – Series 1 – by Figures Toy Company – The Dan Classic Show

NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA BATMAN!!! Figures Toy Company is back again with some more MEGO-esque fare. 8 inch clothed figures based on the 1960s …


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  • SG 66

    I know its your shtick and all, but I kinda wish you'd limit your "Fucks" to about three or four per video. I find your videos entertaining otherwise, but too many "Fucks" grates after a while.

  • John Wild

    By the way, love the intro.

    When I was a kid in the 70's my MEGO Batman was a stand-in for Adam West's Batman. The Batman '66 TV Series was a weekday treat after the bus dropped me off at home. Syndication and MEGO products went hand in hand, Star Trek is the best example of this winning combo.
    When FTC started releasing these figures I was all in. But the price point again slowed my interest in this toy line. $24.99 for collector packaging that I really wasn't interested in. But FTC has since released these in polybags for $19.99, a little more affordable, but still kind of pricey.
    As for the figures, all the goodness is in the head, outfit, boots and gloves. The body isn't so good but the invention of this body style opened up the ability for better gloved hands and boots. No oven mitts.
    After watching this video, I'm reminded that I need a few figures to catch up with what I want in my Collection. I wonder how you feel about the endless re-issues of FTC Batman '66 figures in differen't outfits, 2 and 4 pack combos?
    Look up "Entertain Personified" in the dictionary, you'll find the name Dan Classic there.


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