Lion Forge’s Superhero Universe and Why it Matters

Check the site: If you have the slightest interest in comics (like me) I hope you check this out. Thanks to Chelsea for leading my life in …


4 replies on “Lion Forge’s Superhero Universe and Why it Matters

  • spoonbender

    You should pay more attention to art in comics. I highly recommend checking out Strip Panel Naked on YouTube. He makes amazing videos about the medium. Also check out Valiant. They had a complete reboot in 2012 and most of their stories are standalone. They also do crossovers extremely well.

  • MidknightMasquerade

    This is REALLY interesting! I've been saying to my best friend forever now that I wish I could get into comics, but I feel completely incapable of catching up at this point. I have always wanted there to be a new world to get lost inside of, now that I am finally getting more into the sci-fi/superhero genre – and this is EXACTLY what I've wanted! Thank you so, so much for sharing information about this. I wouldn't have known about it otherwise. I'm heading out now to try and find a copy of Catalyst Prime for Free Comic Day before it's over 🙂


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