Marvel Heroes – Emma Frost Punk Costume Gameplay

Emma Frost has a new costume in Marvel Heroes, and it makes her look like a Punk Rocker. It’s pretty cool, so if you are a fan of Emma Frost, check out the …


One reply on “Marvel Heroes – Emma Frost Punk Costume Gameplay

  • Local Man

    cool costume, you get chased by people trying to see up her skirt though as you can see up it when she runs! hahaha :'D she would love the attention though really, it's Emma Frost!

    Held off playing her till after her update and I am really enjoying it so far. Just playing the ranged build till she is leveled and then going to try that diamond build I hear so much about.. apparently her mental build does insane dps though though, while the diamond build is more tanky! so you probably have a glass canon and a tank/dps hybrid there.

    What are your favourite characters to play? I know you like nova, but thats it really.


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