Merch Research with Merch Informer Episode 1 Merch by Amazon

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  • Hawktangofive

    Hi, one thing you said is that you do not make any t-shirt that has a bunch of reviews or ranking thats to low? I always make my own t-shirts, I get ideas from other t-shirts, magazines, books, ect. along with their reviews and low ranking. I do pretty good, Im at tier 500 with only 200 designs up so far, but im plugging away at it. This month im doing very good, I have already sold 118. t-shirts this month with 10 days to go for the month. I cant wait until im at teir like 3000, I'm going to kill it? Unless of course Amazon screws something up and changes shit around, which we all know Amazon, they are always changing, very fluid company for sure!! But if everything goes well and I can keep up my t-shirt selling averages, that should put me in the $8000 a month range with about 2500 design's up @ tier 3000. I completely design my own t-shirts, so its pretty slow, but Im moving forward. I think if you have the ability to design and you are acually good at it, your sales increase big time, or at least it has for me. I may in the future hire a Personally Assistant with Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp. Ect experience? Maybe? We will see. Take care!! Hawk out!!


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