PostPartum Belly Binding Wraps Belts

The belly binders I would recommend: This one is very affordable For a longer one that starts from the ribcage all the way to the pubic …


24 replies on “PostPartum Belly Binding Wraps Belts

  • Nita Peouv

    Thank you so much Ali for this informative belly binding. My due date for baby #2 is 11/29/19. I hope to take care of myself more and follow your bindings, so I can look like u after 🥰😍.

  • Alisa Lazareva

    my mom did it 27 year ago when she delivered me,I dont know where she got her info but i guess back in time in russia women used to wrap their belly. my mom's stomach btw looked awesome. thanQ for your video, looking good <3

  • T Yap

    I am a new follower. You just gave birth but your body looks a lot firmer than mine. I am very positive that if I keep following your videos, I will have a firm body too. Keep it up.

  • Suzanne Coveley

    OMG Ali K, you look AMAZING post-baby! Super congratulations!!! I just wanted to say that I'm SO excited about you getting back into the swing of things, and really, any new video that you post, whether it be baby-related or HIIT-related or heck, even bees & wasps-related (I was looking for something random! Ha ha!), I love them all! Take care and also, CONGRATS ON BEING A MOM! Lucky baby and lucky family!! 😀

  • kimpatsukatya 86

    Ali, will you be making a video with some advice on postpartum yoga, like modifications and such? I'm at about intermediate level and I had diastasis after my first pregnancy which I think I made worst not being careful with yoga because I was so excited to start doing it again. I was able to close the gap however. I had my second baby 9 weeks ago, doesn't seem like I got diastasis this time but I want to make sure I will not harm myself doing yoga again. Thank you again for your advice and videos!Love them!

  • spachtlik spagetka

    Hi, I came accross this video and found it interesting that women use belts post delivery. I only knew that some women found it beneficial during pregnancy when they are suffering with excruciating pelvic girdle pain (the idea is to lift the pressure off the belly on the pubic symphisis). Your body will get back to 'normal' post birth naturally regardless of wearing the belt or not, although sometimes it may take longer especially after cesarean etc. Also, every women will have issues with stress incontinence regardless of having children or not and the only thing to manage this is to do pelvic floor exercises – daily, 3x day, 10x slow and 10x fast contractions. The belt is great for comfort and mind but the downside is, that it inhibits the core muscles so they do work less when supported by the belt and get weaker. I am in no position to tell anyone not to use the belt, but as a Physio, I'd recommend you do pelvic floor exercises daily and if you decide to purchase the belt, not to have too tight and not to wear it for long.

  • chikita bonita

    I used one, but a bandage. It really helped in my opinion. i used one for 2 months and i felt that it tightened my belly. You dont want all that flab and loose stomach just hanging, we need to tighten that up. Mexican women always do this.

  • Kenz's Dual Life

    Hi Ali — just curious, how tall are you? I'm wondering because it seems like a lot of women who are taller naturally have more internal space to carry a baby. I'm wondering if you think this may have helped you to shrink back down pretty easily?

  • Lise spn

    Hello Ali wishing you the best I just did two of you workouts and I feel great. Great video I have to say you look great and I will definitely use this video for future reference.

  • laura jones-miller

    Thank you Ali…very informative. I have never seen one before. I was wondering if the lifting of the pelvic floor will help with later in life incontinence that often happens to many women who had children. I don't have it due…I believe…to decades of yoga which keep the pelvic/bladder area strong and toned. My friend has it really badly at the age of 42. She did have twins. I was wondering if this would benefit her even if a few years have passed since giving birth? I know she would really appreciate the information.


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