Radiate Athletics Color Change v2

As seen on All-American Makers, Kenny Crockett Jr’s Radiate Athletics: UNLOCKED! The RED-TO-WHITE Radiate Shirt – (long sleeve) Advertised as: Made in …


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  • Kick Sucker

    As seen on All-American Makers, Kenny Crockett Jr's (@silkdollars)

    +Radiate Athletics  : UNLOCKED! The RED-TO-WHITE Radiate Shirt – (long sleeve) 

    Advertised as: Made in America  "Our Kickstarter community brought the heat, and in return, we are releasing our Red Nova shirt! Thanks to each of you, Radiate has reached $225k and we are now able to unleash a colorway that Radiate has never made before! To celebrate our milestone achievement, we wanted to release this Limited Edition red-to-white colorway: the shirt begins as a straight red and then changes to a light red; as you continue to push yourself, the shirt goes to pure white! Logo changes from brown to fire orange, creating a "fire" effect. LIMITED EDITION–if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the gym."

    Verdict – If I wanted a Chinese manufactured, hand wash only, pink and white spandex workout shirt I'd be stoked… Not as described – Could Kenny Crockett be color blind? Anyway you cut it, soon as Kenneth Crockett Jr. touches it, his lack of ethics and integrity ruin it.  
    With an extra 2 years to perfect his technique, Kenny's execution is anti-climactic to say the least


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