Rowing Machine: Warmup, Workout, and Drills To Follow



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  • Kc Lupp

    I just found DarkHorse after googling guided rowing workout. Never rowed before. I love this man. Thank you so much. Gonna try to work every day with you. Gonna get addicted to rowing!

  • C

    LOVEDD THIS!!! The 20 minutes FLEW by! I didnt even get the pain in the. End in my arm I normally get. So obviously I was doing something wrong. These guided workouts help TREMENDOUSLY!!THANK YOU!!

  • Terry Gingras

    Just got a Concept 2 because I’m a burned out marathoner with 2 replacement hips and I wanted a low impact workout. Found you guys just by cruising the web.Impressed with your content. I honestly didn’t realize how much technique was involved with a rower. You probably saved me an injury or two. Thanks looking forward to more of your training.

  • Bill Todd

    Good stuff here. Hadn't done the warm up stretches before so will try them to see if it helps loosen me. Aiming for the concept 2 1000 metre sprint challenge 04-08March. as a 70+ yo aiming to beat 4:00 mins. nearly there at 4:06 after which i died!!!!

  • tvd35

    Wow! As I mentioned am new and these are fabulous! Going to do this one for next few days this week. Then move forward with doing it twice a day. I am getting a groove and this is so helpful. Love this workout.

  • Tim Colson

    Found your channel recently. I love the ladder workout (4,3,2,1,2,3,4 on/off faster/slower strokes). This video was suggested, and it's a great starter workout! The stretches, drills, and watching your profile is helping me understand and improve my form. Thx!

    Your video production skill has obviously gotten a lot better over the past 2 years. 
    What would it take to make it worth while to re-shoot this workout to clean it up. 🙂

    P.S. I've got a First Degree Fitness Apollo Pro II,, so a direct link to the workout ( would help skip the (helpful but not for me) Concept 2 computer instructions. I setup the intervals on my Garmin 935 and go.

  • Maria Schembri

    Thank you for this video, it's super helpful for a complete newby like me! I did my first ever rowing workout today after months of complete inactivity, and I have to admit that I wasn't able to keep up with you once you've switched to 20+, but that's most probably because I'm completely out of shape. Will keep on going at it until I can keep up!

    One thing I've noticed is that during the release/reset, my knees end up touching each other. Is this wrong and if so any tips on how to avoid it?

  • Philippe G

    also new to rowing , your videos are great , very detailed , you are a great inspiration .just did the 20minutes with you and omg , going to be sore tomorrow for sure .thanks a lot

  • halfbakedstuff

    Just amazing intro.. thank you so much. Inspired by online rowers, I recently bought a new rower* but after the first few attempts (rowing for about 30 minutes) my knees and muscles above would hurt for days after. So sad but I had to stop rowing… unable to find any coach in my country, where rowing is almost unheardof. I assumed that either the machine is wrong (e.g. foot position is lower angle than other models?) or I simply should get back to jogging or something..

  • Dhiraj Hegde

    I was into rowing daily with my concept 2 machine but probably due bad technique I had back issues and had to undergo micro lumbar discectomy. It's been 16 months since the operation I was itching to return to rowing when I chanced upon your video…. Today is my first day, felt awesome to be back on the machine, hope I could continue doing it daily forever … Thank you for teaching us to row the right way brother 🙏 ❤️

  • Felecia Holmes

    Great video, not new to rowing but I loved the warm up exercises and the break down of the components, somehow I had missed the importance of the hip hinge! Thank you, this little movement makes all the difference!

  • Cynthia Perry

    Just got my rower Thursday. This looks like an excellent video! But I'm not sure I can do those first two warmup moves. Are there any alternate moves?

    I'm 62, overweight, bad knees, not very flexible and broke both wrists last fall. Don't think I can bear the pain of supporting my weight on my hands yet. I know any kind of squat position that deep is excruciatingly painful to my knees. Oddly, rowing does not produce pain, but I think my belly stops me from ever getting my knees that bent!

    Anyway, I'll try the other warmup exercise and the pause drills, those look possible! I probably won't last the whole video, but it gives me something to work on. I'm at dead bottom, just assembling the thing left my back hurting and me all stiff the next day, LOL! Can only go up from here…

  • T Guise

    I'm a 54 year old lady who has purchased an Erg2 as a way of assisting with health, wellbeing, fitness and weight loss. Thank you for the great introduction, I have always disliked rowing machines with an intensity – then discovered Erg and your channel. Here we go, looking forward to my journey.

  • Mark Nagy

    After a year of feeble attempts to effectively use my concept rower, I am so grateful to find this channel. Please keep these workouts coming Shane. An idea – some training videos for kids. I would really like to get my 11 year old son into rowing. Thank you Shane from saving my concept from being posted on Craigslist.

  • Elissa Kavovit

    new to rowing…I have a water rower. you have the best instructional I've seen so far. I like the warm up's to learn posture (wish i didn't have to keep pausing) I was able to keep pace with you (i think you were saying a number that we were to be increasing up in increments…at the 20 minutes i was at a pace of 24.

  • Susanna Addesa

    I decided on a concept 2 rower because I am 65, and wanted a low impact workout. After a lot of research, I got this 3 months ago. I was not sure I was doing the rowing properly, and then I discovered YOU! Inspiring, educational, and you are on my go- to workout to follow. I make sure I just do what you do. I love it! Combined with my yoga, and some strength training, I look forward to my rowing!! Thank you!

  • Helen .G

    Very helpful! Although I’ve been rowing on and off for a while, this video helped to clarify some basics and helped to correct my form, especially when recovering, I bent my knees too quick when releasing the handle. Also thanks for the great warmup tips!

  • Jez I AM

    For us geeks, could you do your videos including a camera aimed at the computer/monitor so we can see your stroke rate, /500m rate, etc etc ? That'd be the cherry on the cake ! Awesome videos as always 🙂

  • Praxton-de-Nouveau

    This has really helped me clean up my form. I was tearing my hip flexors apart on the erg. These warmup drills and this pace has really helped me focus on getting it right. I'll do this for another 2-3 weeks, then move on to more intense workouts on the erg. Thanks!


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