Top 15 Greatest Black Superheroes

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31 replies on “Top 15 Greatest Black Superheroes

  • Adam Thompson

    I am black. i like Black Panther and Falcon. But how come other races have the cooler fictional characters? Honestly it breaks my heart because everytime I want to cosplay someone its always someone that isnt black? Cmon you cant compare Captain America, Iron man, or Spiderman to someone like Blade or Spawn lol

  • H20595

    Clearly, we are in need of some super cool African superheroes. with all the gadgets. cool costumes. and cool names. who's up for the challenge this will call for a collaboration of Artists, costume designers. writers. and finance. engineers for the crafts, cars. and motorbikes. they all can't fly through the air. researchers college level will be needed. the origins of there power must be more than toxic waste, or nuclear explosions. I have seen some of the work that's has been produced by black and white writers. they just don't get it. Afro Man, Black Panther. really. Black lightning. LOL. has there ever been a superhero named white lightening? just something to think about.

  • hydrolito

    Lothar has super strength, speed and invulnerablity appears in Mandrake the magician I think since 1934, Hawkmen (actually brown aliens) in Flash Gordon comic stripe first appeared in 1935..

  • Robert Beige

    News Flash EVERYONE!!! Bishop is NOT Black. He is Aborigine (Australia). He parents came to America. And if anyone actually cared about ethnicity, Aborigines are not Black or of African decent. The are actually COUSINS and related to those darker hued people of SouthEast Asia who migrated to Australia. People assume because someone is Ebony-skinned that they are Sub Saharan African. It shows our ignorance all the way around in the world. He is more related to Cambodians than Africans.

  • The 1 Of Many

    I appreciate the effort even if there are many snubs.
    The sad part is the media has conditioned us to forget what En Sabah Nur's nationality was before stumbling up Celestial technology.

  • Dangerously Active

    #13 Batwing was also called "The Batman" of Africa. You didn't mentioned that part.just copied/pasted info from wiki. smh
    Batwing is a fictional comic book superhero appearing in publications by DC Comics. Within DC Comics internal continuity, Batwing is one of several superheroes patterned after the famous superhero Batman. Batwing, in particular, was conceived by Batman as his crime-fighting counterpart overseas, 'the Batman of Africa'.The first Batwing is David Zavimbe, a Congolese police officer, created by writer Grant Morrison within the pages of Batman Incorporated prior to receiving his own eponymous series. Following later events within Batman Incorporated and Batwing, Zavimbe is replaced in the role by Luke Fox, an American mixed martial artist who had been Batman's first choice in the role, who is also the son of Batman's close associate Lucius Fox.Batwing faces a roster of adversaries ranging from international super villains to the Democratic Republic of Congo's corrupt police force. Batwing expands the DC Universe by taking place in Africa, making David Zavimbe both the first (in continuity) black Batman and one of the few characters headlining a series outside the United States. Fox is also black, and becomes the first in-continuity African American Batman

  • Reefa Mane

    How this list should have looked (from a Black Man's perspective)…
    #1 Spawn "Al Simmons"/Blade "Eric Brooks"
    #2 Storm "Ororo Munroe"
    #3 Black Panther "T'Challa"
    #4 Cyborg "Victor Stone"
    #5 Luke Cage AKA Power Man "Carl Lucas"
    #6 Static AKA Static Shock "Virgil Hawkins"
    #7 Green Lantern "John Sterwart"
    #8 War Machine "James Rhodes"
    #9 Falcon "Sam Wilson"/Mister Terrific "Michael Holt"
    #10 Black Lightning "Jefferson Pierce"
    #11 Amanda Waller
    #12 Ultimate Spider-Man "Miles Morales"
    #13 Vixen "Mari Jiwe McCabe"
    #14 Bishop "Lucas Bishop
    #15 Icon "Arnus"

    Honorable Mentions : Martian Manhunter "J'onn J'onzz" (we all know in
    almost every depiction he takes on African-American characteristics)
    [would have been on the enumerated list if it wasn't debatable],
    Steel "John Henry Irons"p,
    Blue Marvel "Adam Bernard Brashear",
    Aqualad "Kaldur'ahm",
    Prowler "Robbie Brown",
    Firestorm "Jason Rusch/Jax Jackson",
    Bat-Wing "David Zavimbe/Luke Fox",
    Kid Flash "Wally West" [African-American Version],
    IronHeart "Riri Williams" {new character, jury is still out on her at the moment}

  • slime' mee

    Why? The number one black superhero "black panther" have to be apart of Illuminati but serving humanity that seems like a contradiction just because he is intellectual and wealthy. Wow


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