Wearing Christmas Tights! Help me!

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5 replies on “Wearing Christmas Tights! Help me!

  • Turney12

    Wear sheer tights every day-night. Perfect fit. Comfortable and makes the clothing complete. Especially with heels. Can only say get your size and pull to the most comfortable level. You should not be aware you have them on if you get the right size and stretch to fit you. And the names they have. Tights, pantyhose, stockings, thigh highs, etc. They are not tight but that seems the new word. I just prefer calling them nylons.

  • Watch Me ADHD

    I"m pretty sure tights are just uncomfortable I used to have to wear them to church every week until I was a teen and then I refused lol but in the mean time I would roll them down to a more comfortable waist length which may or may not have looked terrible I don't really know I had no fashion sence as a kid.


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