What should you wear to NO GI for BJJ and MMA

We have basic guidelines and rules in martial arts and MMA for a reason. Too many people are too relaxed when it comes to dress code. This video of a key …


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  • Jessie Cherall

    Yep, there are basic rules in fighting sports. One of them is overlooked by everyone, it seems: in order to win, you HAVE to apply moves and holds that are specifically designed to harm. Tapping out and/or the ref stopping the match are needed to make sure no real harm is done, but this does not take anything away of the fact that the moves themselves are meant to inflict damage. In fact, the need for tapping out and for a ref actually prove my point. No one sees this ethical problem and inconsistency. First, you approach your opponent as if you want to almost kill her/him and then when they actually get hurt, you are concerned? And another thing: what is keeping you from applying the moves on the streets when you can't win a verbal argument? Oh, right, that would be assault. (Please don't overestimate your own heart and "goodness"). And on the mat, it's a sport? The fact that your opponent knows the rules and risks and that he/she agrees to fight does not change the problem one bit. You win by applying intrinsically harmful moves.

  • Kylie Minou

    The first martial art with the key in foot is one of those in which those with money pay their way through the ranks. You watch in the parking lot in front of those "dojos" and the owners of the biggest and most expensive suvs are all black belts, so, not surprisingly, they want to carry their keys around, just in case.

  • Eli EZE The Game Hunter

    It sucks that common sense stuff is not common sense like you should know not to roll or demo anything with keys or jewlery ive seen some crazy stuff happen on the mat with piecings I can't even… really informative as always Tia!


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