Why Compression is a Must For Every Rider

Compression is one of the best ways to to speed up recovery. It is also one of the thing that a lot of cyclist over look. This short video cover some of the …


12 replies on “Why Compression is a Must For Every Rider

  • ajcoop87

    The Vital sox recovery and performance compression socks are the best bike apparel I have ever bought. My legs never feel fatigued and my power output is off the charts, also I recover faster with the recovery socks. Thanks for the recommendation! I will have to try some other products you recommend.

  • Odditorium

    As a massage therapist, trained in many styles including sports massage, I would recommend that you pull the lactic acid, and your bloodflow, up your legs and towards your heart. Thanks for the video!

  • Danny Panetta

    i know cycling like camping is 100% a personal thing. at least to me they are. as i am getting older, i find my self going longer distances. it is all recreation for me. i find my self as of the past month or two doing 80 miles here and there. there for i need to add some things to what i am doing. hence why i subbed to your channel. theres the back ground you may need to answer the question.  you spoke of compression for the lower legs and that big old air cast looking thing(LOL). why not get compression pants? it covers your but to your ankles.  


    Hey Bart, was just wondering if you have heard anything about power cranks? I think they're kind of a new thing but look really interesting and could have huge benefits towards improving pedal efficiency etc. I came across them in an article on sticky bottle (Irish cycling news website) which you should check out if you're interested


    hey thank you for advice. i will look up those socks.  I got a question what garmin would you recomend for mountain biking to upload to strava or what do you use?  
     I had one tell me the garmin 510 is perfect for mountain biking beause its has just the right options you need for mountain biking and the signal is very powerfule, but one guy said the garmin 800's  because it has a gps just incase you get lost on the trail.   

    thank you soo much keep up the good work.
    north carolina


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