Today’s topic is on yoga pants and the situations when they might be too revealing. Unless you are a wild wallaby. Remember to leave your rant suggestions …


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  • MirandaAzazel666

    I don't like yoga pants because pretty much every girl wears them… and they wear them everyday and everywhere. Do women actually know how to dress nice anymore? Is putting an actual outfit together that hard? It's just lazy and unoriginal. You'll stand out even more if you actually have your own sense of style. They should really just be for the gym, that's what they're for.

  • Laurenlovespink97

    I'm not comfortable with wearing yoga pants or leggings, unless I'm working out or just going to be home all day and just to sleep in. I wouldn't wear it in public though as an outfit piece only if I'm going to the gym and that's it.

  • Seibri Senju

    Yoga pants should be used for what they're named for. Yoga. I'm a girl and I'm shaking my head at how girls just wear the stupid shits to show off their ass without making it seem like they are. Girls have always done this and I find it funny when they get mad at guys or girls both that stare or do what Rob just did. Shut up. Either invest in yoga lessons or invest in some damn skinny jeans!

  • Adeel Ahmed

    Everytime I see a girl wearing yoga pants with their butt sticking out, I lose all respect for them. It's been years of all this happening, so it's second nature now for me.

  • TheFunnygym

    Shut up people. "Yoga pants are too revealing", "Bigger people shouldn't wear yoga pants", "Yoga pants should be banned". Why do you care so much about what someone wears? Is that obese person wearing yoga pants hurting you, murdering you or making an important impact on your life? Yes, it might look unappealing to you, but is it your body and your right to decide what someone should wear? And so what if yoga pants are "too revealing"? We all have the same body parts (not completely, there are men and women but you know what I mean) and we've all seen a person in a bikini etc. Also, girls don't wear it to impress guys (there are the ones who do,though, I can't generalise). I like how I look in yoga pants and I'm going to wear them. I'm not planning to stop wearing something just because society says it's too revealing or because a few idiots don't know how to keep their dick in their pants. Also, judging someone by what they wear is equal to judging a person by their weight, looks, skin color etc.- shallow and superficial. Someone can dress very revealing and be polite and smart, while someone could dress like a saint and be mean and promiscuous. If someone wants to wear something, let them. Too tight or revealing for your taste? Don't wear it. No one has the right to decide for other person or to judge them. If you don't like the way something looks then just don't wear it or do it. Mind your own business.

  • Leilasworld

    I usually don't get involved in any kind of youtube drama, but there are some comments that have me completely confused and are very narrow minded. Here's the scoop.  

    If a woman is in great shape, because she is dedicated to staying fit and watches her diet, etc, she is going to look sexy in anything she chooses to wear. Jeans are going to look amazing on her, skirts will cling to her body just right, shorts will showcase well toned legs, sundresses will cling and flatter, PENCIL SKIRTS? Don't even get me started! and of course bathing suits.

    Yoga pants would be no different.

    The fact is, if you look great, you will look great in anything and that goes for men too.
    If a woman is not in shape, but is comfortable enough in her body and is on a journey of finding her confidence, who are we to judge? She is hurting no one, and her life is her own.

    My entire life I have been very athletic, I have ACTUALLY PRACTICED YOGA (big shock) for years, I weight train and am a Belly Dancer.  In my spare time? cycling, hiking, canoeing…… you name it, and guess what I'm wearing half the time? "Athletic" leggings, "athletic" pants, "athletic" active wear (notice the key word athletic) and sometimes these are known as yoga pants. These were NEVER EVER an issue, they never caused any kind of controversy until all of sudden, they've been demonized in the media!

    These are NOT hoochie pants!  These are very breathable, very flexible, very comfortable, practical, moisture wicking PANTS, that athletes wear, joggers wear, cyclists wear, yogis wear, body builders wear, dancers wear, cheerleaders wear……you get the point.

    You guys seems to forget that there are many women, going back and forth to the GYM.

    Going back and forth to pilates classes, going back and forth to yoga or dance classes, who are personal trainers, fitness models, instructors, MOMS, you name it, and who because of their hectic schedules might be running a few errands in between.

    You have NO RIGHT to assume that just because you see this woman (no matter what age) going about her day in her gym leggings/clothes, that she is a slut or an "attention seeking whore" as some posters below posted.

    Now I am not talking about young girls, who might be wearing something too mature for their age, OR the women who are wearing see through pants, tight low cut tops or exposing their skin in obvious ways. It's true they might be wearing these things for different reasons and maybe even unhealthy reasons.  OR they're simply just not making a good call, but you can silently have an opinion, choose not to support that and still be a decent human being about it.
    As a woman I don't expect you NOT too look at a sexy woman in sexy clothes, I don't expect you not to have a reaction or be turned on by what you see, that's just human nature, that would be unrealistic, but I do expect you to be open minded, and not be harsh and disrespectful with your words and actions. Please consider your assumptions might be wrong.

    P.S…SEE THROUGH "PANTS" are not YOGA PANTS! True yoga pants are thick, can be bootcut. straight leg or skinny too the ankle and YES meant to be worn as is. They do not have to be worn under a skirt. You are describing tights. There is a difference between athletic leggings/yoga pants and TIGHTS. TIGHTS are not pants.

  • MC Taipan

    When a girl at the gym is wearing a nice pair of tight pants to reveal her shape, thats nice. But when they are see through or made to go up the ass then its too revealing. Yes im a heterosexual man and well yes, i would think its hot if a woman in her 20 s had a pair of see through pants at the gym but at the same time, i would not look at her and think "Shes girlfriend material" .

  • Lillie's

    U are a limp dick I believe lol. Hater. Guys need to change. Thank god for America! I'm glad my revealing body pisses you off. And I'm glad men like it. And I don't care what anyone thinks. Yoga pants are not hurting anyone neither are female nipples. Also when did it become a crime for a woman to attract men? Why is it that I have to feel bad about myself for making some random guy want to fuck me, and what if I want to get fucked? Women have the same needs as men. I don't believe that a woman loses her value just because she likes to gets laid just like a man. Women have every right to play the field and experiment and get to know themselves just as much as men do.

  • SmizTToke

    sometimes i would love to get caught staring at a nice girls ass just so that when they call me a pervert i can say "well don't wear leggings and expect not to get any attention from me!" lol

  • 80386

    Modern yoga pants have absolutely nothing to do with functionality. We know and they know very well why they wear those. I don't have problem with a women trying to seek attention by being sexy. But I have a problem when they straight up lie about the reason behind modern yoga pant design and act like they don't have a clue as to why guys stare. Really? Please.


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